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Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition Release

30 January 2018



The day has finally arrived.

This will be a fairly short post, but is exciting none the less. We have officially released Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition on Steam for $9.99!

This new release features:

  • 10 new levels
  • An expanded story
  • New puzzle types
  • A ridable bird mount

Check it out on Steam today.

Grave Danger Image

Brightlocker News

I love this new platform called Brightlocker. It is an amazing place for developers and players to meet and create communities. The site offers tons of rewards for...

Grave Danger Re-release and Console Update

9 January 2018



Well do I have some news for you.

Today we are officially announcing a re-release for Grave Danger, called Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition, to be launched on Steam January 25, 2018. What a way to kick off the new year! The game will go on sale for $9.95 USD and include a number of new features and content I will list below.

Now you may be wondering, what about the existing version of Grave Danger? Do I need to buy another copy for the updates? The answer my friend is a big nope. All users that currently have a...

Grave Danger Update

23 January 2017



Hey there fellow Grave Danger fanatics!

First and foremost thank you for taking an interest in Grave Danger updates, we are currently working on some cool features including releasing to consoles, but in the meantime here are some minor fixes and updates we are pushing out today.

Presenting Grave Danger!

New co-op Camera Feature

When playing co-op you can now press "G" on keyboard or the select button on your favorite control to focus the camera on a specific player. Thanks to a users input we implemented this feature and it really makes Grave Danger's...

Grave Danger: Development Insights by Cody Anderson

11 January 2017



Hey I'm Cody and I am one of the developers that worked on Grave Danger, I was primarily involved in level design in the development process.

Check out my site here.

Anyways, upward and onward! These are some of my thoughts on how the game ended up being what it is today.

The levels in Grave Danger changed as the art style and feeling of the game evolved, I went in knowing that we wanted a puzzle game, but also with some action thrown in here and there. The biggest struggle was to combine these...

Grave Danger 1.0.2: A Speed Runner’s Dream Come True!

3 January 2017



Grave Danger now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Happy New Years all you Grave Danger endeavorers!

I hope you’ve had a chance to check out Grave Danger on Steam, through videos, or at least our demo! We’ve had a great time seeing the positive reactions to the quirkiness and challenge of the game. It’s also been great seeing everyone play the game in order to learn how to make it even better!

One thing I can always tell somebody for certain about Grave Danger: it’s hard. Grave Danger must be mastered, and replayed to truly become the best. Speed running is...

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