Grave Danger Mobile Announcement

14 April 2018 by Cody

I am really excited to announce Grave Danger Mobile (working title)

Grave Danger mobile will be released on iOS and Android mid summer an exact date will be posted soon.

I recently found myself in love with idle or incremental games, depending on what you call them. I love the progression style of these types of games. I also wanted to make another adventure in the Grave Danger universe, so I combined those ideas.

Here are a few of the features to give you more of an idea of what it will be.


  • Continued story after the events of Grave Danger.
  • All three worlds will make an appearance, horror, magitek, and candy.
  • Tons of upgrades and fun visuals to unlock.
  • No forced ads whatsoever, ads will be available, but only for a boost if you want it.
  • Lots and lots of tapping. (I love tapping things)
  • Tons of lore about the universe.
  • Regular content updates.

Here are some screenshots to give you an even better idea of what it will be.


Grave Danger Mobile Image 1 A quick view of one of the first workstations and it’s worker. Grave Danger Mobile Image 2 Double that currency! Grave Danger Mobile Image 3 Collect! Collect! Collect!

Beta Available May 1st on Android.

I will be releasing an open beta on Android May 1st so you can be the first to try it out.

I am really excited to finally release this in the wild, I hope you like it.

More info coming very soon.

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– Cody

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