Grave Danger 1.0.2: A Speed Runner’s Dream Come True!

3 January 2017 by Jeff

Grave Danger now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Happy New Years all you Grave Danger endeavorers!

I hope you’ve had a chance to check out Grave Danger on Steam, through videos, or at least our demo! We’ve had a great time seeing the positive reactions to the quirkiness and challenge of the game. It’s also been great seeing everyone play the game in order to learn how to make it even better!

One thing I can always tell somebody for certain about Grave Danger: it’s hard. Grave Danger must be mastered, and replayed to truly become the best. Speed running is totally a thing, as the game challenges you to get the fastest, most death-free run possible for each level! I thought it would be a good idea to continue to build on these ideas. So today, I reveal…

Grave Danger 1.0.2!


NEW FEATURE: Wanted: Dead AND Alive Posters. Collect all of the posters in each level for completion bonus!

NEW ACHIEVEMENT “100% Innocent” : Collect all of the Wanted: Dead AND Alive posters.


We’ve strewn wanted posters throughout the world of Grave Danger. Now, you mustn’t just speed run a level to get the S+ ranking, now you can challenge yourself to make sure that Dante, Elliot, and Malice are 100% innocent!

Here are a few other changes that have been made as well:

  • Renamed Boss “Grimm”’s name to Boss “Francis”, clearing up the story and distinction between Malice the grim reaper and the antagonist.
  • Malice’s text box portrait now features his scythe!
  • Add better user feedback to ropes and chains that trigger events in levels.
  • Fix locations in multiple levels where characters or ghosts can get stuck.
  • Many UI and font size changes.

Thanks for being part of this awesome game!

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